How To File a Claim on Broken Air Conditioning Units

How To File a Claim on Broken Air Conditioning Units

How To File a Claim on Broken Air Conditioning Units We may not be requiring the use of our AC units in a while now that summer has come to an end but this doesn’t prevent these costly objects from being damaged, especially when they will be out of use till the end of this year. If your AC suffers any type of problems such as a break-in or any other issue, tackling this issue directly is the only way to ensure you won’t have to deal with the repair of these AC units all by yourself.

If your AC units have suffered damage, you will need to check with your insurance company to ascertain if the cause will be taken care of by your insurance coverage. If the damage was caused by negligence, poor maintenance or age, you might have to pay for the repair of the AC units from your pocket. But if you are sure that you merit coverage on the AC units, you will have to file a claim with the homeowner’s insurance company you registered with.

Place A Call To Your Insurer Immediately You Detect The Damage

Even if you aren’t using the AC units again this year, you still need to take immediate actions. The longer you delay notifying your insurance company, the lesser chance you have of receiving coverage on the AC units. Put a call through to your insurer immediately you notice anything wrong and inform them of the issue.

Make Evidence Available

Snap pictures of the damaged AC units so they can serve as proof to your insurance company. Also, write down the model name and serial numbers of the AC units somewhere. It makes it better if you can make substantial information about the units available to your insurer. If the damages were caused by a break-in or an act of vandalism, you should consider making a report at the police station. Using the police report together with the pictures and model information will go a long way in backing up your claim.

Contact Your Insurance Company To Start The Claim Process

It is highly important that you take time to discuss the damages with your insurance company before you begin with the claim process. You will be asked to provide details about the AC units and the cause of damage. If the cause is accepted by your insurance company, an agent will proceed with the process.

How To File a Claim on Broken Air Conditioning UnitsLook Forward To The Visit Of An Adjuster Who Would Come To Examine The Damage

In the process of calling your insurance company, the agent will arrange a time for an adjuster to visit your home to examine the AC units. Ensure that you are available at home when the adjuster comes over so that he or she covers everything while inspecting. The adjuster will determine the cost of repair using this information.

Make A Decision On Whether To Pay The Deductible Or Not

If the amount required to repair the AC units is lower than the amount of coverage you have, it is better that you handle the costs from your own pocket. Even if the expenses are just a little above what you are required to pay for a deductible, you might want to consider paying out of pocket as this will increase your premiums.

Ascertain The Replacement Value

If your insurance policy takes care of the actual cash value (ACV) of the units, the amount of money the AC unit was valued at when it developed fault will be refunded back to you, with depreciation into your account. If your insurance policy takes care of the replacement cost value (RCV), you will be given the amount of money the AC unit was valued at when you first purchased it. In most instances, people get a higher amount of money on damaged objects when they use an RCV policy instead of an ACV policy.

Insurance Company Endorses The Claim

Your insurance company will give you half of the ACV/RCV or the repair cost at the beginning of the damage repair, and once the issue is resolved, they will pay you the remaining half of the repair cost.

It might seem like a quite strenuous process to file a claim on any damaged item in your home, but if you go about it in an orderly manner, there would be absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, you will be thrilled you did when the next summer hits!

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