Auto Insurance Policies Often Cover Some Surprising Things

Auto Insurance Policies Often Cover Some Surprising Things

Auto Insurance Policies Often Cover Some Surprising Things

You probably are familiar with much of what’s covered under a typical auto insurance policy. Depending on your particular policy, you may be covered if you’re in an accident or in case of theft or weather-related damage. You may not realize, however, that many policies often cover the following scenarios. 

Roadside assistance

Some auto insurance policies cover roadside assistance services. You might be able to have gas delivered to you, receive help getting into your locked car, get help with jump-starting your battery, or receive a tow within a certain mileage limit. It’s worth checking to see if you’re covered before you need it, and you may be able to save some money by cancelling dedicated roadside assistance coverage if you have it through a company like AAA

Animal-related damage

Deer-car collisions are quite common and can often cause a great deal of damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, many auto insurance policies cover this type of accident. They’ll also usually cover damage caused by animals such as a rat or stray cat that may chew on the wires in your car.

Legal fees

Car accidents sometimes result in legal action. Another driver may sue you to recover the cost of repairing their vehicle, as well as for compensation for injuries. If they’ve incurred medical bills, experienced pain, or lost time at work as a result of the accident, they may sue you for damages. Fortunately, many auto insurers will pay your legal fees if you’re sued. This usually falls under your liability insurance, but if you have substantial assets, you may want to purchase an umbrella policy for additional coverage.

Lost wages and medical bills

Your auto insurance may pay for medical bills, as well as lost wages, if you or your passenger is injured in an accident. This often falls under personal-injury protection (PIP) insurance. It may also cover the cost of hiring help around the house if you’re unable to perform certain tasks — such as cleaning the house or mowing the lawn — which you used to be physically able to do.

Injuries to your pet

If you’re driving with your pet in the car and he or she is injured as the result of an accident, your auto insurance may cover the veterinary bills. These costs may be covered under property damage or under specialized pet coverage. It pays to go over the specifics of your auto insurance coverage so that you understand what’s covered and what’s not. If in doubt, ask your agent and look at your paperwork. You may be entitled to coverage that you’re not aware of.


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