About us

True Quote Insurance was established in 2015 as a trusted auto insurance shopping tool within the auto insurance landscape. Our goal is to make shopping for auto insurance streamlined, easy, convenient, accurate, and free. We match you to the best and most trusted auto insurance providers out there utilizing the information submitted to us thru our easy to use 3 step process. We do not provide quotes or insurance directly to you. We are the matching tool that connects you with leading providers so your shopping can be done in one place making the experience easier for you.

When you come to True Quote Insurance, you can expect great service. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience to those who have chosen us for their auto insurance shopping needs. We offer a streamlined search process, variety of choices, instant selection tools, and a user friendly interface with top provider offerings to make shopping for auto insurance coverage easier than ever.

Ensuring you find the right auto insurance company for you and your family provides you with peace of mind. That is what we strive for.

TrueQuote Insurance is a free online insurance matching service. We connect you with the leading insurance providers and agents using the information you provide us in our applications.

We are not an insurance provider and do not provide insurance policies.